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There are multiple reasons why we have decided to create this website. One of them is to provide support for those who are planning to take a Spanish language course abroad. We have extensive experience as language course providers and know that informed planning is essential to have a successful experience. After many years of working with students of all ages and nationalities, we know how we can help students so that they take advantage of all the benefits of a trip like this.

In addition to that, this website offers professional writing and copyediting of materials in Spanish. Since 2012, we have worked as bilingual educators, and both reviewed instructional materials and created assessment passages for the state of Texas. We know how important it is to offer Spanish learners instructional materials of the same quality as those English learners enjoy.

You will also find resources that we hope can be helpful to all those with an interest in language. Please, feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions, or needs. Let´s share the gift of language.

Our Services

In bilinguals today, we are committed to offering you the highest standards of service. We can make a difference. Try us!

Spanish Language Courses Abroad - The world at your feet

Language Travel Programs

We offer a curated set of language programs that will fit your needs. You tell us how you want it to be, and we listen and give you the best advice to make of your learning experience a most successful one.

Spanish Professional Writing

We provide quality writing of printed materials in Spanish. We know how important it is the quality of written materials for these to be effective in their purpose.

Copyediting & Proofreading

We will have a second look at your writing to ensure its readability, clearness and correctness.

And Our Resources 

These are the resources that can be found on this webpage.

News & Events

A complete calendar of seminars and professional meetings related to second language acquisition and Bilingual education


Published materials containing insights and approaches to the teaching  and learning of languages


A set of communications on different aspects related to language use, policy, teaching, and learning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose bilinguals today?

When you decide to take a course abroad, there are many things to consider: type of course, accommodation, time of the year, and destination. This makes it essential to gather the information you need beforehand to make an informed decision. That is where we can help you. You tell us what you need, and we will tailor-make your course.

How much will I have to pay for your language travel services?

You will pay nothing to us, only the price of the course you are taking, the accommodation you choose, and any other charges the school of your choice may have. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to win.

What destinations do you offer?

For Spanish courses, we have destinations all over South America, Central America, Mexico, The Caribbean, and multiple locations in Spain. For the rest of the languages, contact us, and will give you the different destinations available.

Do you offer Study Trips for groups?

We help build tailor-made programs for groups. You tell us the number of classes, excursions, and type of accommodation, and we will make it work for you. Groups usually get very convenient prices.

What type of writing materials can you write/copyedit in Spanish?

Even though our specialty is instructional materials and assessments, we can write any sort of material.  Feel free to contact us with your project.

How often will you update the Resources section?

That will depend on the time of the year. In the months where there is less activity, it will be updated every month. For the spring and summer months, the number of professional meetings will increase and with it the frequency of the updates.