Having in mind the different needs and personalities of their students, schools offer a varied array of locations where these can take their language courses. From charming, small towns to vibrant, big cities; from the beach to the mountains; students may choose from a varied set of hand-picked locations the one that best fits their preferences.

Students may decide to take their courses in a single location or more than one. We will ensure that our students will find the perfect destination for their stay.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

Language Schools in Spain


It was Samuel Johnson who said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”. We think the same thing can be said of each of these cities here.




Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe and the third largest in the European Union after London and Berlin, enjoying more cloudless days than any other big city in Europe. It is known for world-class museums, impressive architecture, wonderful shopping, and a vibrant night life. 



Barcelona is the biggest city on the Mediterranean Sea and the most visited destination in Spain. It is home to La Sagrada Familia, the most visited monument in Spain. This city is an architectural jewel that counts with 9 UNESCO-protected monuments. This city offers an overwhelming variety of things to do.


Salamanca is known for its stunning architecture and prestigious university, one of the oldest in Europe. Its historical and cultural heritage makes of it one of the most visited cities in Spain. A walk through its streets will reveal a cultural trove of historical landmarks.



Sevilla is a city full of history in Southern Spain. Its streets are a reflection of the different people who have populated it throughout history. Its historic downtown encompasses a mix of Moorish, Jewish and Christian history and architecture. 



Marbella is a coastal city in the province of Malaga. This is a very scenic city whose inhabitants enjoy wonderful weather year-round. The city´s old town is a meeting point of the people who have populated Marbella through history.



Valencia is Spain´s third-largest city. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean. Its history, architecture, and culinary tradition makes of it an ideal destination. It does not come as a surprise that it has been voted twice as the most liveable city in the world.



Alicante is a coastal city in Eastern Spain. Its Mediterranean climate, long history, cultural traditions, and vibrant night life are some of the reasons why people all over the world pick this town as their touristic destination. 



Málaga is the capital of the Costa del sol. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the city is home to important museums like the Pablo Picasso Museum. Málaga is a magnet for both those who enjoy going to the beach and those who appreciate its delicious cuisine.

Language Schools in Latin America


We offer school locations in a wide range of Spanish-speaking countries.


Playa del Carmen – México


Playa del Carmen is a natural paradise situated in the Yucatán Peninsula´s Riviera Maya. Its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and incredible cenotes make it the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy nature during their stay.

Buenos Aires – Argentina


Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan, capital city of Argentina. This city has a European feel that its visitors notice as soon as they set foot in it. The city center is the Plaza de Mayo. The Casa Rosada and Teatro Colón are some of the relevant historic buildings that can be found in it.

Cartagena de Indias / Bogotá – Colombia


Two different locations with the same purpose: offer students the best possible stay. Cartagena is a medium-sized city on the Caribbean Coast. Bogotá is the sprawling capital of Colombia. Whether students are into relaxing on the beach or enjoying vibrant nightlife, they will find their perfect spot in these chools.

San José – Costa Rica


San José is the perfect place if you want to live the culture of that country. It is a pedestrian-friendly city full of historic and artistic attractions. As it is in the center of the country, it is also an ideal base to discover the natural beauty this country offers.

Cusco – Perú


Staying in Cusco is like living in a previous century. This was the capital of the Inca empire and its streets are populated with buildings that remain of the Spanish colonial architecture that was present in it for centuries.

Santo Domingo / Sosúa – Dominican Republic


While Santo Domingo is a peaceful inland city surrounded by lush nature, Sosúa has one of the best beaches in the world. Both of them offer many different attractions.  Regardless of the choice, gorgeous surroundings are guaranteed.