A Unique Experience

There are few experiences more rewarding from a human standpoint than traveling and learning a new language. It is hard to overstate the positive impact any of these activities has on those who enjoy these experiences. Multiple studies state the impact learning a new language has. By acquiring a new language, learners open new windows to the world, getting a more holistic understanding of reality and a wider perspective on the events taking place in their lives. If there is another human experience with a similar impact on those who go through it is that of travel. It gives us exposure to different places, cultures, and people. It opens our minds by providing us with new perspectives on the world and the reality that surrounds us.

We combine both experiences when we take a language course abroad. Once we have decided to do it, it is extremely important to go over all the details: course, accommodation, cultural activities, and destination. I have witnessed myself multiple times, students who got frustrated because something was not what they expected it to be. Most of the time, either the information provided to them was not accurate, or they just did not take the time to make the informed decision they should have made. In any case, the result was frustration and disappointment. Nobody wants that to happen, and the best way to avoid this type of situation is by getting all the information in advance and talking to people who know the different locations and language programs.

Just tell us your preferences and expectations, and we will advise you on the best route to take. This is to be the wonderful trip it is supposed to be. Let´s make it happen!